Thinking, fast and slow

When we’re not thinking about what clients need we often muse on the world today and what’s happening around us. Feel free to download a complimentary copy of our in-house insights:



The world of travel is changing fast. With manufacturers racing to transition to non-fossil fuel modes of power how will consumers react? Here we look in brief at some of the attitudes currently underpinning behaviours surrounding autonomous technology.

Food + beverage

Access to new foods and different ways of choosing to order them is changing the way that we eat. How are consumers today changing the way they consume food and what’s behind their behaviour?


Diesel cars are being purged. The scandal surrounding car emissions , higher taxation and congestion charging levies all point to the end of the road for diesel cars. But how true is this and how long can it hold out?


The next generation

Autonomous technology and retailing


New food Millennials

A look at change attitudes towards food


The end of the Road?

How much longer for diesel?