Ed Cyster

Edward Cyster, Global CEO of 4media Group, founded the company with the mission of helping world-class brands do great things better. He’s passionate about building teams that work collaboratively to solve problems and generate results through meaningful content. Ed is an entrepreneur who was driven at an early age. The son of an RAF pilot, growing up in Scotland, he began learning to fly at the age of 12. Ed started his first business as a teenager, and later left college in pursuit of career opportunities and his love of flying. His eyes were opened to the world of public relations and broadcast media early in his professional life, and he set out on a path to build a business, while also pursing his dreams of flying. Now recognized as an accomplished aerobatic pilot and member of the British Unlimited Aerobatic Team, Ed approaches his business each day with precision and creativity. Over the past decade, he has crafted a collective of brands at 4media Group, that work together to connect the dots and translate client public relations and market research needs into meaningful coverage. Ed is inspired by the opportunity to think creatively and bring big ideas to life. Through Ed’s leadership and strategic vision, 4media Group has worked with some of the world’s best- known brands, including British Airways, Virgin, Royal Bank of Scotland, Coutts Private Bank, Goodyear, Sony, HBO and L’Oréal, just to name a few. In addition to leading the global business at 4media Group and routinely exercising his love of aerobatic flying, Ed is an avid cyclist, runner and outdoorsman. He and his wife, Layla have two children, ages seven and four..