We look at things from a different perspective

Our multi-lens approach brings qualitative, social and online research together to identify new opportunities and inspire clients to make effective decisions


Global online panels

Fast turnaround quantitative research on an international scale

If it’s for a brand tracking study, online community or a tactical piece of consumer research we have the panel resources to delivery speedy quantitative online research on almost any sector, globally.


Qualitative research

In-depth qualitative ethnography, workshops, interviews and focus groups

The depth with which we engage with people is directly correlated with the quality of insight we uncover. Whether workshops, ethnography, expert interviews or focus groups our qualitative approaches are both immersive and very human in nature.


The art of being social

Social trends, conversations and marketing blueprints

We use the analysis of brand and product messages across all types of social, news and online media to understand what the relevant conversations are that brands need to have online and how they can use online influencers to amplify their message.


Mobile research

“In the moment” mobile interviewing and self curated ethnography

Advanced mobile technology allows us to interact with consumers when they’re actually buying, consuming or browsing brands in-situ giving us first hand and untainted reactions to their motivations and behaviours.