Ian Jenkins

Is a senior qualitative and quantitative practitioner with over 20 years insight experience into consumer behaviour, communication and brand development. Following senior research roles in the automotive industry Ian was, for over 12 years, co-founding partner in Prescient and a board Director at Loewy Group. Since 2011, Ian has been leading Intrinsic which, In 2015, merged with Marcomms group 4Media-group.

Ian helps companies use insight to develop new ideas, explore different opportunities and identify better ways of doing things. His experience includes working for many of the world’s biggest brands including, among others, Bentley motors, Subaru, Barclays, Camelot, O2, Disney, Goldman Sachs inc., Michael Kors, Agent Provocateur and Microsoft.

However, don’t get him on the subject of Liverpool FC though as you may not get out of the room. Ian has 4 daughters (pity him) and lives in Notting Hill with his wife Katya.