We deliver compelling White Papers that give your brand leadership kudos

By following some simple rules we deliver compelling content and narratives through numbers and insight to give your brand enhanced authority and credibility


rule 1:avoid the big data paradox

The always-on, information-rich age of Big Data presents brands with a paradox: it has never been more challenging and at the same time never more possible to create data-driven content marketing materials with impact. The trick is balancing meaningful data, rigorous analytics, and genuine qualitative insights with sufficiently compelling storytelling.

Our six stage process for insightful white papers

rule 3: do proper storyboarding

What sets Insightful White Papers apart from other approaches to developing content marketing material is both the process and the insight-led thinking that we bring to our clients. In our workshops, we work with you to build the structure for and the arguments behind a truly compelling piece of content marketing. The storyboarding workshop comes with no predetermined sequence or story in mind, but the story we develop together follows the universal principles of story and storytelling

rule 2: don’t be boring

The Cocktail Party Rule states: “If you want to be boring, talk about yourself. But if you want to be interesting, talk about what matters to those who are listening.” Our White Papers provide companies, brands, and third-sector organisations with social capital – content that those they seek to influence find arresting, compelling, and eminently shareable. Our thought leadership White Papers do this because they are designed, developed, and created by storytellers who have a track record of creating data-driven content that resonates.


rule 4: talk human

Our White Papers are uniquely crafted in conjunction with our partner, Sam Knowles. Sam is a leading storyteller who is skilled in crafting narratives narratives for corporates, brands and not for profit organisations who want to position themselves as having something relevant and intriguing to say. His purpose is to help organisations talk human and sound like people. He is the author of Narrative by Numbers: How to Tell Powerful & Purposeful Stories with Data, published by Routledge in April 2018.