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Intrinsic sits within the 4media Group, a strategic, full-service market research and communications group offering specialist expertise within a united collective: Offering broadcast media & digital PR

4media group

4media group are a family of companies aimed at providing the highest quality campaigns for brands and agencies. The family consists of: Intrinsic Insight, 4media group, Atomik Research, and Stature PR.

4media group believe that every campaign goes through 4 key stages: research, the story, creation, communication and we each member of our family is poised with their own teams of experts to deliver every stage of these campaigns, through years of industry experience and the skills, knowledge and contacts that comes with them.


Atomik research

Atomik Research delivers insightful online quantitative research results that will get people talking.

Atomik’s strong PR and media background enables them to script the most resourceful PR survey questions which get the best results and provide vital news links for strong editorial features. Atomik knows what creative angles work for the media and understand what makes journalists tick.


4media group - Broadcast and content

4media group is the media specialist arm of the family providing broadcast & digital PR services to deliver the most effective, innovative and influential media campaigns.

Whether you are interested in TV, radio or online coverage, they will provide you with a targeted PR plan that will connect your brand with your key target audience via various services including broadcast days, news generation, video and podcast production, social media content production, media training, and more

Stature Public Relations

Stature PR, is an integrated consumer, corporate & financial communications agency with a global presence, renowned for strategic, proactive and reactive campaigns that nurture brands whilst delivering tight campaign KPI’s across multiple sectors. We safeguard our client’s reputation at the same time as building awareness ensuring the expectations of management and stakeholders are met. Stature PR services include: Global Consumer, Corporate, Financial & Blockchain PR, Event Creation & Management,PR Stunts/Creative Technology Solutions, Social & Digital Marketing, Talent/Influencer Engagement, Crises Management,Media Buying.